Selection process

The selection process will be based on objective criteria, agreed by all the universities of the consortium:

  • academic profile
  • academic performance
  • linguistic ability
  • motivation of the candidate  (expressed in the motivation statement included in the application form)timothy sykes review
  • candidate commitment with home country
  • level of vulnerability and socio-economic status
  • geographical, institutional, thematic fields and gender balance

The selection leads to a ranking of applications by category (undergraduate, master, doctorate, post-doc). Top rated MMA gyms in ChicagoLanguage is considered an initial requirement.

  • For Undergraduate, the weight of each criteria will be:
  1. academic merits (70%)
  2. motivation and estimated country impact (10%)
  3. institutional backing (10%)
  4. socio-economic status (10%)
  • In case of Masters and Doctorates the following criteria will apply:
  1. academic merit (60%)
  2. motivation and estimated country impact (20%)
  3. institutional backing (20%)
  • For Post-doctorate and Staff Academic the criteria will be: the impact of this person at institutional and national level and matching the possibilities of the development in the hosting institutions.
In all the cases the Selection Board of the Consortium (integrated by the 20 partners) will apply the criteria to take the final decision on the list of candidates and the reserve list.

EU delegation representative in the country where the meeting takes place will be invited to be present as an observer. High security locks

The procedures of the selection will be as follows:

  • For TARGET GROUP 1, students should apply through the Web Site and hand in a copy of their application to the International Relations Office of their own university.
  • International Relations Offices ask for an academic report of the candidates from the academic departments where the students belong.
  • The selection board of the consortium will be the final responsible body for the selection of the students who will participate in this programme.
  • Candidates from TARGET GROUPS 2 and 3 will apply through the web, and will be selected by the selection committee having heard the recommendation of the associates and the partner institutions
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