ARBOPEUE is a partnership of 7 European and 13 universities from Argentina, Bolivia and Perú with ample experience in international co-operation and academic exchange. The mobility scheme proposed for the project foresees an exchange of students and academic staff of 160 persons within the consortium.

The exchanges will be organised for:

  • Undergraduates
  • Masters and Doctorates
  • Post docs and academic staff

The partnership will focus on the vulnerable groups, generally with little access to conventional means of calls for mobility, due to their difficult social and economic circumstances, through their partner institutions and the networks to which they belong.

ARBOPEUE is focused in four critical issues (4 Rs) which give identity and strength to this consortium:

  • Representation of the variety of the higher educational systems in the countries involved and the possibility to act towards its integration. In each country we have identified large, medium and small universities, so as to have a distribution not merely geographically but also as regards the size of the institutions, which contribute different perspectives to the partnership. In addition, we also include traditional, centuries-old universities and recently created universities. The intention is to propose a heterogeneous partnership, representative of the existing heterogeneity in the higher education systems of the countries.
  • Recognition of degrees and periods abroad is one of the crucial issues in which the universities involved have been working for the last years. The EU Universities that play an important role in the implementation of the Bologna Process will fortify the initiatives already undertaken by ABP universities around the processes of curricular reform and particularly as regards implementing a credit system. The consortium intends to use the ECTS as a common tool for recognize periods of study abroad. The introduction of a credit system has been discussed in detail as part of the Tuning LA project. Synergy will be aimed for between the Tuning LA project and this project.
  • Relevance in connection to the development of the priorities and their involvement of the call. Parking lot stripingThis proposal is high relevant since it counts on the backing of the institutions responsible of higher education in the countries.Needs new locks?
  • Regional Commitment Click Here! due to their specific role in the regions in which they are located. The empowerment and institutional building in the universities in Argentina, Bolivia and Perú is one of the most relevant objectives set up in the call. This specific action will contribute to bring new elements of integration, social cohesion and equity specifically mentioned in these countries priorities. It is important to emphasise that since the actions developed are linked with national and regional needs to the objectives of cooperation, the results reached have a great impact and extend beyond the project.
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